The Drumables


The Drumables is a fun and colourful book designed to get kids as young as 3 or 4 years old into playing the drum kit. It is extremely easy to follow and can be taught by an experienced drum teacher or simply by a parent at home.

It has been designed to be fun and engaging, while at the same time extremely practical. Using simple exercise, fun games and modern backing tracks, the Drumables will get your budding young tub thumpers on the right path to being awesome drummers!

 How does it work? Let’s have a look…

Drum Kids Book CS6 DHV2 30-07LR_Page_07
The book introduces a child to some of the core skills required to become a competent drummer. The Drumables gently introduce these skills with simple lessons, games and activities. All backed up with a full music CD with loads of cool backing tracks and coloured star stickers for rewards, it is totally engaging!

 Who are the Drumables?

The Drum Family
The Drum Family
The Cymbal Family
The Cymbal Family
Standing on the steps
Steps instead of a music stave makes more sense!

 Reading rhythms made easy!

To introduce note values and rhythms, an old method of using words that sound like rhythms is used, but we use some pretty clever images that get kids used to what the notes will look like later on.

Tea & Coffee

At a distance, these look pretty similar!
Mixing rhythms
Mixing rhythms becomes a game

 Never assume anything!

When dealing with young children, you have to remember to pitch the lesson at their level. A pre-school child might not even know if he/she is left or right handed. Throughout this book, you will help them find that out.

Left and right

LEFT is white and RED is right
Single stroke roll
Simple rudiments help with left and right

 How to motivate… Use rewards!

In every book, along with the audio CD of backing tracks that is included, there are star stickers to place in the book that record a students progress, but also drives them on to practice more to get more stars… On old trick, but it works!

Gold & silver

Self explanatory!
Star stickers
Free reward stickers and audio CD with every book
Stick your stickers here as you go along

 Mix it up!

It’s not all work though, games and activities throughout the book break up lessons and create a much more varied learning experience.

Game page

Need a break from playing drums? Let’s play a game instead!

Playing with music is fun!

Most of the exercises in the book are designed to be played along with music as this is THE best way to learn about timing and develop a good sense of pulse from an early age. We provide you with a free audio CD with 18 awesome, modern sounding backing tracks to do just that!

Drumables CD Face

Free Audio CD and reward stickers with every book
Backing tracks
From 60 – 115bpm, tracks are split into slow, medium and fast

 The end… Or is it?

At the end of the book, there is a certificate that can be cut out, signed and presented to your developing young drummer. This is just the end of the first phase but they will have developed lots of core skills that will help them onwards as they progress… Keep drumming folks!

Drumables certificate

End of book certificate