More and more drum teachers and music schools are turning to Backbone Drums as a complete drum teaching system and are happy to tell us what it is that they like about it.


Bob Armstrong – UK’s top drum educator

– I’ve been privileged to be at the birth of Backbone Drums. I’ve watched the concept grow through proof reading the books and having ideas thrown at me. The end result is one of care and devotion but above all a love for the drums, which will be passed onto the students. A job well done Backbone Drums.

Matt Wilson – Private teacher – Tunbridge Wells

– The Backbone Drums syllabus is by far the best series of books I have used over the years as it’s logical, structured and diverse. I would thoroughly recommend it to drum teachers of all levels

 Tom Griggs – Icon Music – Melton Mowbray

– Congrats on a great product! You’ve pretty much nailed it all, and I love that it all relates back to actually accompanying music and appropriate styles for the rhythms being taught. It really is the thing students don’t get enough of. It all ties in beautifully. It agrees with my feelings on the majority of subjects, and even in the cases it doesn’t I can see why, and accept the compromise. Layout is great, pacing and the extra tasks and additional materials too. The backing tracks are wonderful too, so high praise to you and your colleagues for that. They are often just a poorly considered token gesture, but they’re all excellent and interesting. I look forward to blending my own tuition methodology with the Backbone system for years to come.

Mike Small – The Drum Studio – Blackboys

– I couldn’t do this without your program or you for that matter. I am eternally in your debt, being a music teacher has changed my whole flipping life (for the better).

 Nathan Hill – Nathan Hill Drums – Portsmouth

– I think your books are great, I’ve used them in a few lessons now and they’ve been really fun and rather helpful indeed. As someone who has always written and printed his own sheets (except for grade books) it’s amazing to find not just a book, but a series of books that teaches in a way that I agree with. Here’s what I like about them;

  • Really logical order of things to learn
  • Great instrumental backing tracks that go as slow as 60bpm, that’s amazing for beginners! I prefer the instrumentals so they don’t rely on the words as cues .
  • When you explain things like bass drum technique, you make it CLEAR that there’s more than one way to do it.
  • You talk about things other than just technique (the role of the drummer/ style), that’s often over looked in books.
  • It’s a ring binder spine which makes it easy to put on a music stand!!! Small detail but it all adds up.

Basically I’m fan!

Mike Brazier – Tunbridge Wells Music School

– Teaching with Backbone Drums keeps lessons focused in all the right areas to help students quickly progress as a musician, building on the most relevant and attainable skills one step at a time. Every lesson is a rewarding experience, for both student and teacher

Phil Wilson – Medway Drum Studio – Chatham

– I had the pleasure of visiting your stand at the London Drum Show and you have, by far, the best new product for inspiring youngsters to take up the instrument. The stand was manned (and women-ed!) by very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly people, clearly enthused by the product. As indeed am I. I had a read of The Drumables book on the way home on the train. It is well produced with brilliant illustrations. I run Medway Drum Studio in Chatham. We are endorsed by Mapex Drums and Paiste Cymbals. Medway Drum Studio also supports Learn to Play Day. Our website is going live in January and I would like to feature The Drumables as one of our teaching programs for youngsters. I would love to chat about using the book in a promotional video and the images on our junior beginners page as our preferred syllabus. I was writing my own junior manual……. Don’t need to now! I wish you every success with your launch. Phil

 Dan Potter – Thwack Drums – Tonbridge

– What I love about Backbone Drums is that they give you an insight into the anatomy of drums from the day 1. It’s written by drummers for drummers. Together with the accompanying music tracks, Backbone Drums become a powerful tool you can keep coming back to even after years of playing.

 Ian Tiso – Private teacher – Somerset

– I have been extremely impressed with the books. I feel that not only is it an easy and manageable way to learn to play drums but also I can see that by working through the examples and playing along with the tracks, you are training to become a very solid drummer and more importantly, musician. The foundation has actually improved my playing a lot, especially from the aspect of groove (I play in a brass band, concert band and ten piece jazz band so apart from the jazz band, I have to follow a conductor). I feel these books are not just teaching you to play a song or two, they are actually more like an apprenticeship whereby, having worked through them all, you will be a master of the trade.

 Richard Davey – Private teacher – Maidstone

– Backbone Drums is a well conceived programme perfect for anyone looking to learn to play the drums and an asset to any teacher’s core material

Adam Millest – Private teacher – London

– Thanks again for the books – I think you’ve done really well with them – really well thought through and put together, I think they are going to be massively helpful to me for my teaching

Mike Tunnell – Mature student

– As a late starter, the Backbone drums syllabus has given me a comprehensive, easy to follow guide on technique, rudiments, fills and much more, raising my confidence and ability no end.

Adrian Corey – Student

– The backbone drums course covers all the important technical and musical topics in a progressive and engaging way that not only encouraged me to make real progress week by week, but inspired me to carry on doing so.