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The Ultimate Resource For Drum Teachers

Save time and effort while continuing to improve the quality of your drum lessons by using our very own lesson manager software. Developed to fully compliment the Backbone Drums teaching syllabus, run your entire teaching practice and keep track of all of your students progress with one easy to use program.

We are currently in the final stages of testing for the new, platform independent version of the software which will be released this Summer 2017, we will announce the release shortly!

Register now to start using our software and benefit from the following features:

Student profile:

Record detailed information for all of your students, including contact information, musical experience and tastes, background and marketing preferences.

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Lesson plans:

Create printable lesson plans as you go to keep track of what has been covered, plan for your next lesson and set practice goals for your students.

Archive all previous lessons within each students profile.

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Progress records:

Follow the bronze, silver and gold sign off targets from the Backbone Drums books and record every item looked at and completed by your students.

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Drummer score:

By progressing through the syllabus, students earn points towards their overall drummer score.

View a break down of their score to highlight areas for improvement.

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“Teaching with Backbone Drums keeps lessons focused in all the right areas to help students quickly progress as musicians”

– Mike Brazier – Head of drums at Tunbridge Wells Music School (Tunbridge Wells, UK)