The Backbone Drums series of books are the backbone of knowledge for all drum students

The series of books look into almost every concept, technique and style in a logical and structured syllabus. Aimed at drum teachers that want to give the best possible tuition to their students, it has been put together with absolute passion and integrity to raise the standards of drum teachers, their lessons and their students!

Foundation Level1 Level2 Level3 Level4

Each book covers a range of topics, building in complexity over the series and includes the following:

* Music theory and how it works in the real world of playing grooves and fills

* Techniques and rudiments along with their applications

* Studies on a wide range of musical styles with brief history and characteristics

* Full charts with backing to bring together all learning

Click on the links below to download pdf excerpts from several of the books.

Foundation screenLevel 1 screenLeve 2 screenLevel 3 screen

 The Drumables – Drum kit for kids

Drumables Cover

The Drumables is a colourful and fun way to teach 3 – 8 year olds the basics of playing drums. With free audio CD of backing tracks reward stickers and games, this is the ideal way to keep younger students engaged.

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“The Backbone Drums syllabus is by far the best series of books I have used over the years as it’s logical, structured and diverse.

I would thoroughly recommend it to drum teachers of all levels”

– Matt Wilson – Private drum teacher (Tunbridge Wells, UK)