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Backing tracks page

 Play exercises from the books with varied and authentic backing tracks.

Provided free with every book or available to buy as downloads or standalone CDs, the backing tracks we provide suit each level and cover a huge array of styles at all different speeds from 50 – 250bpm.

Styles include:

Rock, Pop, Blues, Disco, Reggae, Ska, Jazz, House, Techno, Funk, Rockabilly, Metal, Punk, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, Electro & Country.

Here is a selection of backing tracks from the first 4 books:

      55bpm Pop Soundtrack - Backbone Drums

      60bpm - Modern Blues - Backbone Drums

      90bpm - Classic Rock - Backbone Drums

      100bpm - Seventies Disco - Backbone Drums

      110bpm - Sixties Soul - Backbone Drums

      115bpm: Eighties Rock (Backing Track) - Backbone Drums

      120bpm: Synth Pop (Backing Track) - Backbone Drums

      130bpm 2-Tone - Backbone Drums

      140bpm Rasta Reggae - Backbone Drums

      180bpm Old-School Punk - Backbone Drums

…or you can download them from itunes
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“Together with the accompanying music tracks, Backbone Drums become a powerful tool you can keep coming back to, even after years of playing”

Dan Potter – Private drum teacher (Tonbridge, UK)