Files on this page can be saved to your computer or printed out to help keep a track of your finances.

These documents have been used with great success in music schools and private teaching practices to keep accurate records with minimal fuss and effort. Although they are not official documents that a tax authority would accept, they will help you keep a track of your finances, see trends in your income/expenses and plan for the future. They will also help you or your accountant prepare any end of year tax returns etc.


Accounts tutorials.

Refer to the following documents before using any of the provided accounts records.


General accounts – Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.
Download and save to your computer to record your figures. All documents are customizable and are there to help you manage your finances. These have been designed by us and have been used for many years but they are not official documents and you should seek the advice of a good accountant when submitting figures for official purposes.


General accounts – Printable non-interactive PDF files
The following downloads contain all of the elements of the Excel documents above, but are printable for use where hard copies are required instead of computer based spreadsheets and workbooks.


Pre-paid records
Use this document (excel interactive or printable PDF) to record any students that are paying up front for blocks of lessons.